End of the Year Eats: Pizza and Birdseed?

The 4th and 5th grade students of Bancroft Elementary School had their final lesson of the 2016-2017 school year last month, which they celebrated with a pizza party!  In the final term, the students continued to demonstrate engineering principles by making bird feeders from household materials such as clothes hangers, soda bottles and oatmeal containers.  They designed their bird feeders and decorated them with paint and markers.  Everyone learned how difficult it can be to build a simple structure, but we all had lots of fun!


Throughout the last term of the school year we had 3 regular volunteers.  Two of our volunteers were high school students from Roosevelt High School in Washington, DC.  Our other volunteer was Sweta Batni, Ph.D., M.H.S., M.A.  She is an epidemiologist and project manager supporting the Defense Threat Reduction Agency’s Biosurveillance Ecosystem program at Fort Belvoir, VA.  She is passionate about public health and is excited to help bring science and public health education to the next generation of students in her D.C. community.  This is her first year volunteering with the FiLS program.

Sweta Batni PhD, M.H.S., M.A.  Ph.D.

Sweta Batni PhD, M.H.S., M.A. Ph.D.