The First Life Science (FiLS) Program's purpose to increase the science literacy of the next generation and to increase the number of minority students that decide to be part of the STEM career fields.  The STEM career fields include a number of jobs with a major focus on Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.  FiLS exists because the prevalence of many problems of the world, such as food shortage, water quality issues, and lifestyle diseases (e.g. cancers and heart disease) are increasing.  In order to slow or reverse these trends, the next generation of the workforce needs to be trained appropriately.  Organizations that employ a diverse population of competent employees are able to solve problems with more creativity, because its employees are all focused on the fixing same issue using slightly different approaches and perspectives. 

As your students work with The FiLS Program you will get an early indication of what STEM areas your student(s) are strong in and naturally gravitate toward.  The exposure to enriching science experiences can open the door to a number of science experiences and future careers.

Let us be The First Life Science Program that your students enjoy as we prepare to tackle the problems of the future one student at a time.

FiLS History