Eye am starting to understand

It has been four weeks since the students began their journey to understanding human vision.  The purpose is to introduce the students to what their eyes can and cannot do.  We began very superficially using a combination of poetry and models of the eye to learn about its parts and functions.  However, in the past week we have literally gone inside a cow’s eye to learn what its parts look and feel like.  So far the students have:

  • Used models to understand parts of the human eye
  • Performed tests to observe how light effects the size of the pupil
  • Demonstrated their ability to separate white light into the visible light spectrum
  • Created all colors of the rainbow using only the primary colors
  • Increased their understanding of what normal (20/20) vision is
  • Performed a cow eye dissection in groups

In coming weeks we will perform tasks that test the limits of our eyes before we begin using technology to increase our ability to see microscopic and distant objects.