Opening six-week session comes to a close at Bancroft Elementary School

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"Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo,"  The students yelled when they found out that it was the final week of the six-week Life Science after-school program.  I told the students that I will be back after a few weeks to plan and schedule more activities for them.  Hearing the sadness in their voices convinced me to plan a SUPER SECRET SURPRISE lesson in December if I am able to before they take their holiday breaks.

On November 19th, the opening six-week sessions came to a close at Bancroft Elementary School in Northwest Washington, DC.  Over that time, eight 5th grade students were able to participate in the two-hour after-school sessions.  They were able to:

  • Learn the requirements for plant growth
  • Learn of plant life cycles
  • Use microscopes to examine
    • Stained onion cells
    • Cell structures in the plant Elodea (nucleus, chloroplasts, cell wall)
    • Euglena- single-celled organisms that move like animals but are green like plants
  • Feed the Venus flytrap and Cape sundew
  • Have fun while learning about the world around them

A student prepares a slide to examine Euglena under the microscope.

Their favorite activity was feeding the Venus flytrap!

This was an absolutely great start for The FiLS Program and I look forward to working with Bancroft Elementary School students and staff in the future.  Thank you to the Bancroft Elementary School Prinicipal, Mr. Arthur Mola and to Mr. Luis Medina, a teacher's assistant at the school and a volunteer with the program.

Support The FiLS Program by donating at GoFundMe